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alt10 - the best CRM for your small business

Alt10’s Elifi product is the all-in-one CRM and productivity tool organized in an easy-to-use dashboard. The Elifi dashboard displays apps and widgets for increasing sales, connecting via video conferencing or Instant Messenger, organizing contacts and notes, recruiting more effectively, and managing tasks and goals simultaneously, without having to leave your Elifi screen.


Elifi dashboard features include:

  • Schedule & Calendar
  • Contact Database
  • Business Builder Tools
  • Tasks and Goals
  • Communicate via Video, Chat & IM Groups
  • Forums
  • Take Notes
  • Earn Points for Cash and Prizes

Elfi is functional across all mobile platforms and any internet enabled device.


Alt10’s technology was founded on making it simple for users to access resources and services that helps to increase productivity, organization, management of the entire business cycle. The technology is scalable to meet the needs of the small business owner, and robust enough for global business users.


Earn Rewards Points by using Elfi Apps and Widgets to help organize, manage, and grow your small business, or by referring Elfi to other users. Rewards Points are accumulated by simply using the Elifi dashboard and completing tasks, goals and other activities. Redeem your points for cash and cool stuff.


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